small water pump manufacturer
small water pump manufacturer

VOVYO Is a Professional Small Water Pump Manufacturer

VOVYO is a diverse business grounded in small water pump and brushless dc motor R&D begin in the year 2004. Is one of the leading small water pump manufacturer in China.

VOVYO has over 10 years of experience in R & D and manufacturing of small DC pump, with more than 200 model pumps which mainly used in automobile, kitchen and bathroom, hot water mattress, aquarium, household appliances, beauty and medical treatment, PC and other fields.

A Wide Range of Products Series & Applications

Pump Series:  After years of hard work VOVYO has developed more than 9 series mini water pumps VP25, VP30, VP35, VP40, VP50, VP60, VP62, VP80, VP90 and gear pumps. They are small in size, diameter size range is from 25mm ~90mm, power is from 1W~310W, voltage range is from DC2.5V-DC310V, Water head range is from 0.2~30 meters, Water flow range is from 1~280L/min, working ambient temperature range is from -40~130 degree.

Pump applications: VP25 VP30 VP35 series pumps are mainly used for table fountain, handicraft medical equipment, coffee machine, dispenser etc. VP40, VP50, VP60 series pumps are widely used for water circulation machines such as water heater, air-condition, PC cooling etc. VP62, VP80, V90 are used for auto and motorcycle engine’s cooling systems and battery cooling systems etc.

small water pumps

small water pumps production
VOVYO Production Capability

Focus on small DC pumps since 2004, VOVYO Company with rich experience in production dc water pumps. We have standardized pump production lines, monthly capacity 250,000pcs small water pumps. Our production capacity is well competent for customer's needs on the monthly and yearly purchasing quantity demands without any delay of the lead time.

100% inspection of incoming components, and 100% testing of final products. Imported raw materials from USA, Japan etc. Six sigma, delicate to achieve "zero defect" pursuit. VOVYO provide high quality pumps to customers without any dealy on the delivery term .

VOVYO Company's Mission

Our mission is five "For":

  1. For creating a first-class small water pump brand: Make VOVYO to be a world-famous dc pump brand.
  2. For manufacturing top products: Only focus on R&D and Manufacturing high-end dc water pumps.
  3. For cultivating top talent: Help our colleagues grow into first class talents.
  4. For improving the quality of people's lives: Make people's enjoy more better life.
  5. For making outstanding contributions: Make great contributions to country's economy and to improve the quality life of human beings.

VOVYO mission
A Word From our Founder to our customer

For more than ten years, the progress of VOVYO technology is inseparable from the trust of our customers. In this regard, VOVYO people will always be grateful.

The value and significance of the enterprise lies not in the so-called success of the moment, but in the continuous creation of economic value while creating more value for the customer. Today, we have entered a century of unprecedented prosperity and development of the global economy. The global water pump market is a strong support for us in the long run. We will continue to strive to provide high value-added products to our customers around the world, and make our customers enjoy all around excellent service.

Looking forward to the future, in order to fulfill the glorious mission of prospering the industry, VOVYO people will boldly develop, be brave in innovation, believe in the principle of customer first, committe to providing customers with smooth and worry-free after-sales service. And will constantly introducing new and optimized products, forging ahead, striving to create outstanding results that are worthy of customers, and strive to continuously improve the quality of human life.