small water pump custom oem

Small Water Pump Custom & OEM Process


STEP 1: Confirm Customer's Needs

Confirm customer's application requirements such as : dc circulation water pump's parameter, performance, working environment, inlet and outlet form, appearance, size, etc.

STEP 2: Project Review

Conduct a feasibility analysis for the customer's project , then propose a preliminary design of the product if the feasibility is confirmed OK.

STEP 3: 2D, 3D Design, and 3D Sample Confirmation

Propose the product design preliminary plan, according to the customer's needs. And make 3D sample according to the design plan.Then sent the drawing and sample to customer for confirmation.

STEP 4: Mold development

Open mold, according to the 3D sample confirmed by customer. Conduct test on the product's comprehensive performance reliability. Then modify the mold until confirmed OK by the customer.

STEP 5: Product and mold Confirmation

Provide 3~5 product samples to the customer for verification and confirm the product.

Custom Services Content

Pump Custom DescriptionMOQ
Custom the cable length100 pcs
Custom a plug or a connector for the cable100 pcs
Custom the pump label for your own needs100 pcs
Custom your own designed pump box100 pcs
Order no-common models in our catalog100 pcs
Order waterproof power supply for the pump100 pcs
Add special protection function100 pcs
Order pump accessories, such as filter, valve, sucker and so on.100 pcs
Custom new design and new mold1000 pcs
Custom Advanced function1000 pcs

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