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About VOVYO Technology Co., LTD.
VOVYO TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is one of the leading small electric water pump manufacturer in China.
Custom & OEM Services
Learn about the custom process of our company and what custom services are there.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Download the brochures of the most popular pumps that used in various industries.
Know more about the technology of our pump, and how to use it for various application.
We provide 1 year~5 years warranty period on our products according to customer's application & needs.

Product Catalogue

Food & Beverage Pumps
Used for Coffee making machines, Food preservation containers, Drinks dispensing, fountains, etc.
Automotive & Mobile Pumps
Applied in Packing heater, Brake systems, Automotive antifreeze circulation, Race Car cooling, etc.
PC Cooling & Mattress Pumps
Used for Computer CPU Cooling, Plumbing Mattress, Fuel cell systems, Hydrogen generators, etc.
Appliances & Water Heater Pumps
Applied in Hot water mattress, Drinks Dispenser, Home brew, Water heater, Solar Water booster, etc.
Dishwasher Water Pumps
Server for Dishwasher, Intelligent bath crock, Filtration, Chemical warfare detectors, etc.
Intelligent Toilet Pumps
Server for Intelligent Toilet, Smart Toilet, Intelligent bath crock, Other sanitary ware, Kitchen equipment, etc.


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