Hot Water Recirculating Pump

Hot Water Recirculating Pump

Hot Water Recirculating Pump

Hot water recirculating pump refers to a small water circulation pump used in heating system, air conditioning water circulation system, domestic hot water circulation system and other application scenarios. Moreover, people can also use some of them as a automotive electric water pump for car cooling system. People usually install them at a heat station (thermal center), a heat source.

In a closed pipeline loop, hot water circulating pump does not pump the water to a high place like other pumps. Or carry out a second pressurization for the water inside the original pipe like a hot water booster pump. But make the water to overcome the loop resistance loss in the pipeline system and recirculate the water. So, people also call them water circulation pump .

Standard Hot Water circulating Pumps series by VOVYO:

Inline Water Pump VP40R

Max Head:7~10M Max Flow:19~24L/min

Hot water recirculating Pump VP60N

Head: 12M Flow: 21L/min Noise≤ 45dB

Circulation Pump VP40N

Max Head:1.9~8M Max Flow:5.5~10L/min

Instant Water Heater Pump VP50M

Head: 2.4M Flow: 6L/min Noise≤ 26dB

Hot Water Recirculating Pump VP50C

Max Head:4~8M Max Flow:27~40L/min

Circulation Pump VP40S

Max Head:3~8M Max Flow:8~13L/min

What types of hot water recirculating Pump are there?

Hot Water recirculating Pump are divided into two types: dc circulation water pump and AC hot water circulating water pump. In general, they are centrifugal pumps powered by AC 220v, DC 12V, DC 24V power, batteries or solar power. People most commonly use Water circulation pumps for mobile domestic hot water recirculating. So that, people can use hot water immediately when using faucets. Hot water circulating pump for domestic usually small in volume, also called as small circulation water pump.

Why should people use a water recirculating pump for their household water pipeline?

In the household water pipeline where it do not install a water recirculating pump. There is only cold water instead of hot water in the pipeline flows out of the faucet. Until water heater heat the water flow and  reach the faucet. For a long run, this will lead to waste a lot of  water. However, people can solve this problem by installing a hot water recirculating pump. These pumps can continuously circulate hot water in user‘s house, keeping the water in the pipe at a high temperature and ready for use. Thus, people can get hot water at anytime whenever they turn on the hot water tap.

What advantages are there for people to installing a water circulation pump for their household water pipeline?

  1. Convenience

    A hot water recirculating pump is installed on your water heater, can supply hot water almost immediately when the faucet is turned on by people. So, the probably number one advantage of water circulation pump is that people can almost instantaneous get hot water by using it in their household water pipeline.

  2. Save water and money

    People can decrease the waste of water by using a water recirculating pump. Since, it can transfer hot water almost immediately as soon as people turn on the faucet. No need to wait for the water to reach the desired temperature. This is especially useful in areas where water supply is insufficient. One of the great benefits of using a circulation pump is the ability to save a lot of water, money and time.

  3. Easy to install

    It is relatively easy to install a water recirculating pump. People can install it by using daily maintenance installation tool. Since, engineers design most of the water circulating pump are for ordinary home piping systems. In addition, people no need get any special license to install a water circulating pump in their household water pipeline.

  4. Easy to operate

    As a regular small water pump, hot water recirculating pump is very simple and easy to operate. People do not need professional training, and can easily learn how to operate the pump by reading simple instructions.

How to Select a Right Hot Water Recirculating Pump ?

Because of people widely use hot water recirculating pumps  in home and public water heat circulation systems. So, many manufacturers engage in this industry. And produce various types of water circulation pumps with different models and quality. However, not every kind of water circulating pump is suitable for people’s application. So, people most frequently ask a question that how to select a right small water circulating pump? Generally speaking, people should take below 7 factors into consideration when choose the pump.

  1. Flow rate of hot water recirculating pump

    The total flow rate of the pump should not be less than the total design flow of the pipe network. The flow through the bypass pipe should be counted. When there is installed a bypass pipe between water heater outlet and suction port of the water circulating pump.

  2. Water head

    The flow-head characteristic curve of the water recirculating pump should be relatively flat near the working point of the pump. So that, the water head change of the dc water circulation pump is very small when the hydraulic conditions of the network changes. Generally, the characteristic curve of single-stage water pump is relatively flat. It should use a single-stage water pump as a water circulation pump.

  3. Pressure and temperature resistance

    The pressure and temperature resistance of the pump should be compatible with the design parameters of the heating network. People usually install the hot water pump on the heat network return pipe. The allowable operating temperature of the water circulation pump is generally not lower than 80 °C. People should install a high temperature resistant hot water circulating pump must on a hot water supply pipe.

  4. Working point

    The working point of the water circulation pump should be within the efficient working range of the pump.

  5. Life span

    The life of AC motor and DC brush motor water pump is relatively short. Generally only with a few thousand hours. While the life span of brushless dc pump is up to tens of thousands of hours. Its life span is far exceeding the AC water circulation pump and DC brushed DC water pump. So, recommend people to use a Brushless DC hot water recirculating pump work for their water heating network .

  6. Efficiency

    The efficiency of general AC motor is less than 40%. While the efficiency of brushless DC motor can reach 80%. In terms of efficiency, DC motor efficiency is more than double that of AC motor. That is, DC water circulation pump is a times of AC water circulation pump power saving. Therefore, to save electricity costs. Recommend people to use a brushless DC motor hot water recirculating pump for their domestic hot water systems.

  7. Protection function

    Recommend people to purchase a three-phase DC brushless water recirculating pump. Which with rotor jamming protection, reverse connection protection, overload protection and over-current protection functions. So as to avoid burnt out the pump due to improper operating  or sudden change voltage. Do not recommend to purchase an AC water circulating pump without these protection functions. So as to avoid burning the water pump due to the above reasons. Which will lead people have to replace the hot water recirculating pump frequently. And resulting in a sharp increase in procurement costs.