Intelligent Toilet Pump

Intelligent Toilet Pump

Intelligent Toilet Pump

Smart toilet was originally used for medical and geriatric care. The  intelligent toilet has many special functions such as: clean buttocks, clean lower body, warm air drying, and so on. There is no water tank in the smart toilet. So, people use a intelligent toilet pump automatically clean up it, after they use it.

So, what is a intelligent toilet pump?

Intelligent toilet pump also named smart toilet pump, it is a small electric water pump built by a brushless DC motor. It can wash out the toilet by its high water pressure. As we all know, a normal toilet with a tank in it encounters clean up problem in low water pressure area. However, a tank-less toilet with a smart toilet booster water pump installed in it can solve this problem.

Standard Intelligent Toilet Pumps series by VOVYO:

Smart Toilet Pump VP60H

Max Head: 14.5M Max Flow: 22L/min

Smart Toilet Pump VP90A

Max Head:24~25M Max Flow:100~110L/min

Smart toilet Water Pump VP80E

Max Head:10~12M Max Flow:50~58L/min

Smart toilet pump VP90C

Head:9M Flow:120~180L/min

Inline Water Pump VP80D

Max Head: 10~12M Max Flow: 58L/min

Smart toliet Pump VP80B

Max Head: 9M Max Flow: 41L/min

How to install a intelligent toilet pump?

In order to solve the water supply problem, many people will install a booster pump in the toilet. However, as a novice, they may not know how to install a smart toilet booster pump for a smart toilet. Don’t worry, VOVYO will address this question for a brief introduction.

  1. First

    Check the smart toilet pump to see whether there is any parts loose or not. And whether there is any foreign matter jam in the pump flow passage, before preparing to install the pump. So as to avoid the situation that the intelligent toilet cannot be cleaned after the installation.

  2. Second

    People should install intelligent toilet booster pump according to the vertical or horizontal mode, and make the direction of the water flow the same as the direction of the arrow on the pump body. And install it in the place where as close as possible to the water.

  3. Third

    Install a valve in front of the intelligent booster pump as much as possible. So that, it can be easily repaired in the future. In addition, a pressure gauge should be installed nearby the pump outlet , so as to check the pump to see if it working in the range of its rated rated head and flow , while by doing so, it can also prolong the service life of the intelligent toilet pump.

  4. Fourth

    The household booster pump should be installed with a check valve, when the suctioned liquid level is lower than the upper end surface of the impeller of the domestic booster pump or the shaft of the pump.

  5. Fifth

    In addition,  the pipeline connection should be tight, especially the water inlet pipeline should not leak air, otherwise it will reduce the pump’s lift.

  6. Six

    Please do not operate the pump for a long time, before water flow into the intelligent booster pump chamber, otherwise it will damage the smart toilet pump.

  7. Last but not least

    In order to ensure safety use the intelligent toilet, a three-core safety socket with a grounding wire must be used.