Laser Engraver Water Pump

Laser Engraver Water Pump

Laser Engraver Water Pump

Laser engraver water pump is a circulation water pump that driven by a brushless dc motor, it also named laser machine pump or laser chiller pump. It is one of the core component of the laser engraver cooling system.

As a small circulation water pump, it’s main function is to circulate the water and cooling the laser generator of the laser equipment. And controls the work temperature of the laser generator to keep it normally working for a long term. The laser generator will continuously generate high temperature, during the long-term operation of the laser equipment. It will affect the normal operation of the laser generator, if the temperature is too high. Therefore, people usually use a laser chiller pump to circulate water to control the laser machine temperature .

Standard Laser Engraver Water Pumps series by VOVYO:

Laser Cutter Water Pump VP60F

Laser Cutter Water Pump VP60F is a high pressure water pump, which driven by a BLDC motor. People widely use it in laser cutter machine, water heater, etc.

Max Head:18~27M Max Flow:14~19L/min

Laser Machine Pump VP60A

Laser Machine Pump VP60A is a 12v dc water pump motor powerd by a bldc motor. People apply it in laser machine, laser cutter,laser engraver, etc.

Max Head:8~12M Max Flow:17~21L/min

Electric Circulation Pump VP40F

Electric Circulation Pump VP40F is a 12V powered by a bldc motor. It widely use in water heater, communication base station,water tanks, air conditioner,etc.

Max Head:3~5M Max Flow:13.3~16.6L/min

Small Recirculating Water Pump VP40C

small Recirculating Water Pump VP40C is a 12V DC circulation water pump. It is small in size, high in efficiency, widely used as a recirculating water pump.

Max Head:4~6M Max Flow:12~15L/min

Cooling Water Circulation Pump VP40

Cooling water circulation pump VP40 is a high efficient 12V small dc water pump. It is widely used in air conditioning, LED lights cooling,laser machine,etc.

Max Head:5~7M Max Flow:7.5~10L/min

Solar Laser Machine Pump VP50

Solar Laser Machine Pump VP50 driven by a bldc motor. People widely use it for solar farm irrigation, agricultural spray, field water intake, laser machine etc.

Max Head:4.5~10M Max Flow:31.6~50L/min

What is the working principle of the laser engraver water pump?

The working principle of the laser engraver is to inject a certain amount of water into the stainless steel water tank in the chiller machine. And cool the water through the refrigeration system of the chiller. Then use the water booster pump transfer the low-temperature cooling water to cool the laser engraver equipment. The chilled water will take away the heat in the laser machine. Then, the water flows back into the water tank. It will achieve the cooling effect through water circulation.

How to choose the water lift for the laser engraver water pump?

People always focus on the cooling capacity of laser chillers, when people purchase laser chillers. However, most of them ignore the important factors such as its water head and water flow. The cooling capacity of the chiller represents the compressor’s ability to generate refrigeration. While the water flow represents the ability of the chiller to remove heat.

The speed of the water flow reflects the water head of the laser engraver water pump. The water flow rate will very slow, if the water head of the pump is very low. This leads to the cooled water in the water tank can not be flow to the laser in time. So that, the heat in the laser engraving machine equipment can not be taken away in time. Then this will result in a phenomenon.  That is, the chiller shows the temperature is 25°C, when people connect a nominal 1600W laser chiller to a 75W semiconductor engraver machine. While the laser engraver machine is very hot, it illustrates that the laser chiller does not play cooling affect.

What are the consequences of the low water head of the chiller pump?

It is very easy to cause the laser module and Q head to have poor heat dissipation. If the water head of the laser chiller pump is too low. It is also very easy to cause dirty plugging. Which will directly affects the performance and service life of the laser. A chiller water pump with low water head are basically without water filter. That will leads to a more smaller water flow or even the water chiller can not operate normally. Since the filter has a certain resistance.

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