PC Water Cooling Pump

pc water cooling pump

PC Water Cooling Pump

PC water cooling pump also named pc water pump, it usually refers to a centrifugal pump that use centrifugal force generated by the rotation of it’s impeller to circulate the water and cool the CPU. Therefore, you can also call it cpu water cooling pump, cpu water pump. The computer water pump is a quiet water pump mainly composed of control circuit, pump chamber, rotor, pump cover, and pump casing. It has characteristics of high stability, long life and low noise etc.

As we all know, CPU generates a lot of heat during work. The “electron migration phenomenon” will destroy the chip internal organization of the CPU. And cause permanent damage to the CPU, if the heat cannot be dissipated in time. Therefore, the computer needs to dissipate heat. Common computer cooling method includes air-cooled, and water-cooled, oil cooling, liquid nitrogen etc. Among of which water circulation heat dissipation by using a PC water cooling pump is the main form of water-cooled.

Standard PC Water Cooling Pumps series by VOVYO:

Computer Water Cooling Pump VP40P

Computer Water Cooling Pump VP40P is a small ultra quiet water pump, it’s noise less than 23dB.

Head:1.2~1.7M Flow:4.5/min Noise≤23dB

PC Cooling Pump VP60D

PC Cooling Pump DP6038 is a small quiet water pump. It is made by a bldc motor with lower noise less than 25dB.

Head: 2.4M Flow: 6L/min Noise≤ 24dB

Computer Water Pump VP60E

Computer Water Pump VP60E is a quiet water pump, made by PPE and usually used for computer cooling.

Head: 3.7M Flow: 11L/min Noise≤ 28dB

CPU Water Cooling Pump VP60R

CPU Water Cooling Pump VP60R is built by PPE material. It is commonly used for PC cooling, hot mattress cooling, etc.

Head: 2.4M Flow: 6.5L/min Noise≤28dB

Ultra Quiet Water Pump VP70A

Ultra Quiet Water Pump VP70A is a 12v dc pump. We widely use it in hot water mattress, small boiler, CPU cooling etc.

Max Head: 2M Max Flow: 9L/min Noise≤25dB

Super Silent Water Pump VP60C

Super Silent Water Pump VP60C is a quiet Water Pump. It is driven by a bldc motor, with work noise lower than 23dB.

Max Head:1.5M Max Flow:7L/min Noise≤23dB

Silent Water Pump For Home VP35D

Silent Water Pump For Home VP35D is a small quiet water pump that people widely use it in plumbing mattress, floor heating etc.

Head:1.2M Max Flow:4.5L/min Noise≤23dB

How to choose a pc water cooling pump ?

People should take below lists performance into consideration when choose a pc water pump for their PC water-cooled system.

  1. Stability

    As a small circulation water pump, computer water pump is the heart of the computer water cooling system. Its stability determines whether the water cooling system can run normally or not. Congratulations, if the water pump damaged when runs, your hardware like boiling water soup , you can boil the eggs for breakfast 10 minutes later. Therefore, the stability of the pump is the most important to a pc water pump.

  2. Life span

    Generally speaking, the life span for a PC water cooling pump should be more than 15,000 hours in general market. Since pump is an electronic product, there will always be aging phenomenon. It will cost a lot of money if it’s life span is too short, which is not worth the loss for a water-cooled player. Here, suggest you choose a quiet brushless dc pump as a computer water pump serve for your computer water cooling system, since a pump driven by a brushless dc pump motor usually with life span more than 20,000 hours.

  3. PC water pump Water Head

    The water head refers to how height the pump can lift the water. The waterways in the water cooling system are not all straight lines, there are other angles. These angles brings certain resistance for the water flow. So, water pressure loses happens when the water flows to these angles. It will cause the water unable to flow if the pump’s head is too low. In other words, like a car climbs the slope, it will make the car squat if the throttle is not enough. So the water head is a key performance requirement in the water cooling system. In the conventional computer water cooling system, the requirements for the water head of a PC cooling water pump are between 2 meters and 6 meters.

  4. Water Flow

    Water flow refers to the total amount of water delivered by the PC water cooling pump in a unit of time. The general statement is how many liters of water a pump can transport in an hour. The water in the water pipe will not be able to fully occupy the inner diameter of the entire water pipe,if the flow rate is insufficient. In this case, the liquid that can supply the main part such as the cold head is insufficient, and the heat of the CPU cannot be quickly taken away. Not to mention it can cool the CPU and the graphics card. So,the flow rate requirement in a conventional PC pump water cooling system, should be within the range of 300L/hour~1000L/hour.

  5. Noise value

    It is better to use a wind-cooled rather than a water-cooled if the latter cool way is not so quiet. Work noise is another important parameter for a PC water cooling pump. We should take noise  into consideration when use water-cooled. Generally speaking, it is a a quiet water pump if its work noise is below 25dB. And it is very hard for people to hear the pump work noise if he stay half a meter away from the computer.

What matters need attention when using a PC water cooling pump?

As a core function component, PC water cooling pump plays important rule in the computer water cooling system. Please pay attention to below several aspects when using the PC cooling pump. So as to ensure operate the pump normally.

  1. First

    It’d better to connect the pc water pump to the computer motherboard, if the cpu cooling water pump power supply interface is the small 4 pins. This is to avoid the fan can’t be detected by the motherboard and lead it unable to be booted . You need to turn off the fan detection in the BIOS setting to boot the computer. As it is cannot be plugged into the motherboard to supply, if the computer water cooling pump power supply interface is not small 4 pins.

  2. Second

    The computer water pump is a centrifugal pump and cannot be idling operated. As it will cause the pump to be damaged. The seal ring, shaft seal, balance plate will wear quickly if there is no liquid in the cpu water pump chamber. And the temperature of the pump motor will rise sharply at the same time. Idling will cause a momentary voltage overload which is harmful to the motor. It will be burnt out, if the motor can not automatically shut down.

  3. Third

    The inlet of the PC water cooling pump must be below the liquid level otherwise it will not work. If the cpu water cooling pump inlet is above the liquid level, even if it suck up water for a very small height. However, this is undoubtedly a destructive test, and may damage the pump easily . Since the vacuum height of the pump is not enough to pump the water up, only the vacuum pump is available, as we all know pc water pump is a centrifugal pump not self-priming pump.

  4. Last but not least

    As we all know, the high-powered pump brings more higher performance, however, it will also generate and discharge more heat into the waterway. Therefore, it not that the more higher the power of the pump brings more better performance. It is better to select a computer water cooling pump with appropriate power to meet the computer water cooling requirement. Generally speaking, PC water cooling pump with a power of less than 30W is enough competent for personal computer water cooling.