Solar Powered Water Pump

Solar Powered Water Pump

Solar Powered Water Pump

Solar Powered Water Pump also known as photovoltaic pump, it is a small electric water pump driven by solar panel. Photovoltaic water pumping system use photovoltaic array generate electric power to drive the pump to work. The whole system is mainly consist by photovoltaic array, Solar Power inverter and water pump. It is the most attractive water supply in the sun-rich areas of the world today. Especially in remote areas where electricity and electricity are not available.

People utilize the solar energy that is available everywhere to drive the dc water pump or ac solar water pump. The water pumping system can work fully automatically and requires no personnel to take care of it. It is an ideal optical and mechatronic green energy system that integrates economy, reliability and environmental benefits.

Standard Solar Powered Water Pumps series by VOVYO:

Solar Powered DC Pump VP50C

Solar Powered DC Pump VP50C is a 12V small submersible water pump. Widely used in hot water recirculating system, farm irrigation, agricultural spray etc.

Max Head:4~8M Max Flow:27~40L/min

24 Volt Solar Water Pump VP50F

24 Volt Solar Water Pump VP50F is a high efficiency small dc submersible water pump. Widely used in water heater,air conditioner,Solar farm irrigation,etc.

Max Head:6~13M Max Flow:16.6~25L/min

Solar DC Submersible Water Pump VP50E

Solar DC submersible water pump VP50E is a 12V small solar water pump. Used in solar farm irrigation, agricultural spray,water circulation,etc.

Max Head:8~15M Max Flow:20~25L/min

Laser Cutter Water Pump VP60F

Laser Cutter Water Pump VP60F is a high pressure water pump, which driven by a BLDC motor. People widely use  it in laser cutter machine, water heater, etc.

Max Head:18~27M Max Flow:14~19L/min

Laser Machine Pump VP60A

Laser Machine Pump VP60A is a 12v dc water pump motor powerd by a bldc motor. Recommend  use it in laser machine, laser cutter,laser engraver, and other circulation systems.

Max Head:8~12M Max Flow:17~21L/min

Solar Domestic Pump VP50

Solar domestic pump VP50 driven by a bldc motor, widely used for solar farm irrigation, agricultural spray, field water intake, journey shower washing etc.

Max Head:4.5~10M Max Flow:31.6~50L/min

Solar Recirculating Water Pump VP40C

Solar Recirculating Water Pump VP40C is a 12V DC circulation water pump. It is small in size, high in efficiency, people widely use it as a recirculating water pump.

Max Head:4~6M Max Flow:12~15L/min

solar Fountain Pump VP30

solar fountain pump VP30 is a battery operated water pump . People use it for aquarium, tabletop fountains, and hydroponic systems, etc.

Max Head:0.7~1.5M Max Flow:2~3.4L/min

The composition of the Solar Powered Pump system:

Solar powered water pump system consist of solar array, controller, and water pump:

  1. Solar Array: You also can call it as solar cell module. It mainly convert the solar light energy into electrical energy, to provide working power to the load pump motor.
  2. Solar Water Pumping controller: It mainly control and adjust the operation of the Solar Powered Water Pump. And drive the water pump with the energy generated by the solar array. As well as adjust the output frequency in real time according to the change of the sunshine intensity. And make the output power is close to the maximum power of the solar array.
  3. Solar powered water Pump: It is a machine that generally raises liquid, transports liquid, or increases the pressure of liquid. It is a machine that invert the mechanical energy into liquid energy to realize the purpose of transport liquid.

How does a Solar Water Pump work?

The main difference between a Solar Powered Water Pump and a conventional pump is the power supply. Solar water pump uses the power provided by the solar battery and that through the maximum power point tracking and transformation and control devices to drive the pump motor. So that, it lift the water from the surface to the ground for irrigation or human and animal drinking.

People can built the solar panel into the device or a separate structure that connected to the pump by wires. Then, the solar panel powers the device, making it work independently of any existing electrical system. The size rang of solar powered is very wide. It from small pumps to power fountains , and large pumps for pumping water from underground. Smaller water pumps use built-in solar panels , while larger pumps require separate installations solar panels.

What are the types of solar water powered pumps?

  1. DC brushless solar powered water pump (motor type)

    The motor type brushless DC pump is consist by a brushless DC motor and an impeller. There is a gap between the stator and the rotor of the water pump. This will increase the possibility of motor burnout. Since the water will penetrate into the pump motor after the pump used for a long term. Advantages: Brushless DC motors have been standardized. There are professional manufacturers produce them in bulk, which are relatively low in cost and high in efficiency.

  2. Brushless DC magnetically solar dc water pump

    The brushless DC water pump adopts electronic component reversing, no need use carbon brush reversing. It adopts high-performance wear-resistant ceramic shaft and ceramic shaft sleeve. People integrate the shaft sleeve with the magnet through injection molding so as to avoid wear. Thus, greatly enhance the life span of the brushless DC magnetic pump. Completely isolate the stator and rotor parts of the solar powered water pump. It seal the stator and circuit board parts by epoxy resin, 100% waterproof. It low in noise, small in size, stable in performance. People can adjust require various parameters by winding the stator and operate it at a wide voltage. Advantages: Long life span, with noise can be lower than 35 dB. The shaft of the pump is made of high-performance ceramic shaft with high precision and good shock resistance.

  3. Three-phase AC Solar Water Pump

    The three-phase AC Solar Powered Water Pump is driven by a three-phase AC motor. Unlike DC systems, solar AC pumps consist by a solar array (providing power), a solar pumping inverter (converting DC to AC, while controlling the motor frequency) and a three-phase AC motor pump. Advantages: The three-phase AC motor solar powered water pump in the system can be replaced by the market-listed electric or diesel engine AC water pump, and the compatibility is very good. At the same time, the AC Solar Water Pump breaks through the power limitation of the DC pump, and the power can be applied from 150 watts to 105 kW, which is suitable for large-area farmland, desert treatment and irrigation.

The advantages of Solar Powered Water Pump:

  1. Reliable: long life, photovoltaic power supply rarely uses moving parts, reliable work;
  2. Safe: Solar Powered Water Pump without noise, low power consumption, no other public hazards. Does not produce any solid, liquid and gaseous harmful substances, absolutely environmentally friendly.
  3. Installation and maintenance of Solar Water Pump is simple, suitable for unattended, high reliability.
  4. Good compatibility, people can use photovoltaic power generation together with other energy sources. The photovoltaic system can easily enlarge the capacity according to people’s needs.
  5. Solar Water Pump with high degree of standardization , the components can be connected in series and parallel to meet the needs of different power consumption, and the versatility is strong.
  6. Solar Water Pump with a wide range of applications, since solar energy is everywhere.
  7. It has a good long-term economy, especially compared with the common diesel pumping, Solar Powered Water Pump has an overwhelming economic advantage.