Small electric water pump is a pump that driven by a 12V or 24V dc motor or 220V ac motor. People widely used it in automobile, diswasher, water heater, fish tank, computer, coffer maker for water circulation or booster and so on.

DC Water Circulation Pumps
small electric water pump

    As one of the earliest manufacturer of small electric water pump. We developed and produced dc pump mainly used in circulation systems. All our normal dc pumps manufacturing are under ISO9001 quality management systems. After over 10 years of technological innovation, now there are more than 200+ types dc circulation water pumps in our product catalog. And become one of the top leader small water circulation pump manufacturer in China.
Auto Electric Water Pumps
Automotive Electric Water Pumps

    In the year 2012, officially enters the automobile field. Up to now, we have developed VP50, VP62, VP75, VP80, VP90 series. Customers widely use them in turbocharger cooling, air conditional circulation, motor&battery cooling of all kinds of new energy auto and it’s accessories. Now, our car electric water pumps are export and well sold in USA, EU, India and Asia Market.
Hot Water Recirculating Pumps
12V food pump

    There are more than 30 models hot water recirculating pumps in our product catalog. People widely use them in: solar water heaters, instant water heaters, constant temperature gas water heaters, air energy hot water, hot water circulation equipment etc. At present, our water heater pumps are widely exported to USA, Europe, Asia, South America and other markets.
Food Grade Water Pumps
small electric water pump

    A food grade pump is a small electric water pump. Its components that in direct contact with food, beverages, drinking water are made of food-grade material, during work. (Including stainless steel, PPE or other food grade materials). Our food grade water pump is made of PPE material and has passed FDA certification. They are widely used in: water dispensers, coffee maker, juice machines, water purifiers, personal care machines etc.
Ultra Quiet Water Pumps
Ultra Quiet Water Pumps

    Quiet water pump is a kind of small electric water pump which driven by a brushless dc motor. It with very low electromagnetic noise. In addition, the high wear-resistant ceramic shaft precisely matching with the ceramic bushing. Make the pump working noise low to 25dB. Ultra quiet pump uses a floating rotor, which will not generate friction noise. Its working noise can low to 23dB. Super quiet pump is mainly used in: plumbing mattress, computer cooling system etc.
Kitchen & bathroom pumps
small electric water pump

    Our small electric water pumps used for Kitchen and bathroom are driven by a dc motor. It usually used as a Intelligent toilet pump in intelligent toilet. and can wash out the smart toilet by its high water pressure. People can also use some of them as a Dishwasher Circulation Pump for dishwasher. Dishwasher pump uses the centrifugal water pressure generated by the high-speed rotating impeller. Spray the water which in the tank through the spray arm hole to clean the bowl and the dish.
Aquarium Water Pumps
aquarium water pump

    Fish lovers are hoping that their beloved fish will have a quiet, clean aquarium environment. However, it will inevitably have some noise due to the influence of external aquarium equipment. The most common is the working noise of the aquarium pump. Our aquarium water pump use silica gel mute gaskets and high-performance ceramic shafts to effectively solve the noise problem and almost reach the mute state. In addition, our aquarium water pump has multi-function control box operation, simple and convenient, 5 kinds of functions, 9 gear positions, intelligent shifting. Parameters, functions can be customized, suitable for fish tanks of all sizes.