Automotive Electric Water Pump

automotive electric water pump

Automotive Electric Water Pump

Automotive electric water pump also named car electric water pump. It is a electric coolant pump driven by a 12v,24v or 48v brushless DC motor. Automotive electric water pump is designed and developed for pumping water, coolant and antifreeze for car, caravan, new energy vehicles, hybrid buses, motorcycle, race car etc. People widely use it for auto engine cooling, automotive heating air circulation, battery cooling, motorcycle engine cooling, race car engine cooling, street car engine cooling, etc.

As a new type of auto water pump, car electric water pumps is emerged with the rapid development of automotive industry technology. Related supporting facilities and devices. Automotive electric pump is the core important function component of the new energy vehicle cooling system. Its performance and quality has a great impact on the performance of the car.

Standard Automotive Electric Water Pumps by VOVYO:

12V Electric Water Pump Auto VP80F

12v electric water pump automotive VP80F is a high quality made automotive electric water pump. People use it for new energy auto cooling water circulation,etc.

Max Head: 10M Max Flow: 50L/min

12v Auto Water Pump VP80E

12v auto water pump VP80E is a small auto electric water pump. People use it in new energy car,bus,vehicle etc,driven by a brushless dc motor.

Max Head:10~12M Max Flow:50~58L/min

Inline Water Pump for Car VP80D

Inline Water Pump for Car VP80D is a 12V coolant pump. People apply it in auto warm air conditioner, intelligent toilet, intelligent bathtub etc.

Max Head: 10~12M Max Flow: 50L/min

12v Engine Coolant Pump VP80C

12v Engine Coolant Pump VP80C is a 12V mini car water pump build by a bldc motor. We usually use VP80C pump in car,bus engine cooling systems.

Max Head: 9M Max Flow: 46L/min

Automotive Coolant Pump VP80B

Automotive Coolant Pump VP80B is a car water pump used in circulating systems. Such as new energy car, bus auxiliary cooling cycle, intelligent toilet.

Max Head: 9M Max Flow: 41L/min

Electric Water Pump for Engine VP80A

Electric water pump for engine cooling VP80A is coolant pump. Usually used in circulating systems. Such as car thermal management system, smart toilet.

Max Head:9~12M Max Flow:41~48L/min

12v Electric Water Pump Motorcycle VP50N

12v Electric Water Pump Motorcycle VP50N is a Electric coolant pump made by PPE. It’s used for car and motorcycle’s battery water cooling circulation.

Max Head: 3M Max Flow: 25L/min

Race Car Electric Water Pump VP62E

Race Car Electric Water Pump VP62E is a electric coolant pump made by PPE. It can be server for race car, new energy car, race car cooling systems.

Max Head: 7~9M Max Flow: 32~35L/min

Electric Water Pump for Car VP90A

Electric Water Pump for Car VP90A is a automotive coolant pump. People mainly apply it in bus engine cooling systems, smart toilet, smart bathtub, etc.

Max Head:24~25M Max Flow:100~110L/min

Auto Electric Water Pump for Bus VP90C

Auto electric water pump for bus VP90C is popular in auto after-sale market. People widely use it in car and bus, smart toilet, bathtub, etc.

Head:9M Flow:120~180L/min

Electric Water Pump For Engine VP90B

Electric Water Pump For Engine VP90B widely used in Car Circulating systems. Such as electric bus engine cooling. It driven by a dc brushless motor.

Max Head:6~11M Max Flow:150~165L/min

Car Electric Water Pumps (All 20 Models)

Explosion Proof Electric pump VP75A is a 12v coolant pump that built by a dc motor. View all 20 models automotive electric water pump by check the above link.

Max Head: 5M Max Flow: 40L/min

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Automotive Electric Water Pump Manufacturer

VOVYO Technology Co., Ltd is a automotive electric water pump manufacturer located in Dongguan city of China. We specialized in developing and manufacturing car electric water pumps, motorcycle electric water pump and other dc pumps. Most of our auto pumps are driven by a 12v , 24v or 48V bldc motor. Widely used in various vehicles, car, new energy bus, motorcycle, race car etc. Moreover, our automotive electric water pump has many function such as PWM/CAN/LIN control, idle protection, dry-running protection, etc.

Why Auto Electric Water Pumps Should Used on Vehicles?

  1. As we all know, motors and control devices of new energy vehicle generate a lot of heat during work. It will affect the performance of the drive motor and reduce the life of the motor. Most seriously, vehicle will be self-ignite due to the short circuit. If the system can not the dissipate heat in time. Therefore, auto manufacturer use auto electric water pump as a hot water recirculating pump to pressurize the coolant to accelerate the dissipation of the heat.
  2. Auto electric water pump can accurately match the operating conditions of the internal combustion engine and the running state of the vehicle. Besides that, it can achieve the goal of optimizing the engine installation space. Prolongs the service life of the engine, as well as saving energy and protecting the environment.
  3. Compares with traditional mechanical water pumps, automotive electric water pumps have obvious advantages. Such as precise control of cooling effect, reduction of power loss of the engine, low fuel consumption etc.
  4. Mechanical water pumps that rely on engines cannot work. Since motors drive the new energy vehicles runs. However, motors still require temperature control of the cooling system. Therefore, new energy vehicles must use car electric water pumps.
  5. As we all know , the traditional machine water pump stops working, after the engine stops, and the warm air is gone. Although, some vehicles have auxiliary water pumps, these pumps still cannot be compared with automotive electric water pumps, since people still can continue to use warm air after the car stops if the car install with automotive electric water pumps. Therefore, it has an extended parking warm air function. And the electric water pump automotive will automatically work for a period of time after the engine flameout, and continue to dissipate heat for the turbine.
  6. Car water pump is the core component of the automobile cooling system, and its role is to pressure boost for the circulation of the coolant (antifreeze). At current, most vehicles use a mechanical water pump. However, mechanical water pump has a flaw, that is it is not smart enough to stop working automatically when work in a cold weather. In order to solve this problem, high-end car models and new energy vehicles usually use vehicle electric water pump to replace the machine water pump, the former is powered by a motor and controlled by a computer module. In this way, the automotive electric water pump can be turned on and off according to the needs of the coolant temperature. And even the speed of the water pump can be adjusted to adjust the coolant pressure. Electric water pump for car generally driven by a brushless dc motors, therefore it does not require frequently maintenance and replacement like a mechanical water pump does.

What Types of Car Electric Water Pumps Are there?

Car water pump is the core component of the engine cooling system and is used to cool the automobile engine. People divide automotive water pumps into mechanical water pumps and electric water pumps according to the driving method. We further divide car electric water pump into brushless DC automobile water pump and brushed DC automobile water pump. According to the motor drive form of the water pump. People more commonly use the mechanical water pumps in traditional automobiles. While mainly use the latter in new energy vehicles and some high-end vehicles.

The car mechanical water pump is driven by the engine, and the cooling effect is proportional to the engine speed. Centrifugal water pumps are widely used in automobile engines. Its basic structure is composed of water pump casing, connecting plate or pulley, water pump shaft and bearing or shaft bearing, water pump impeller and water seal device and other parts, which are the main components of the automobile.

The motor control unit of car electric water pump uses current control to determine whether it needs to work according to changes in engine temperature. The mechanical water pump that relies on the engine cannot work, if a new energy vehicle is driven by a motor. However, the motor still needs the temperature control of the cooling system, so the new energy vehicle must use an car electric water pump.

Structure of Vehicle Electric Water Pump

Automotive electric water pump is mainly compose of rotor, stator, shaft,shaft sleeve, impeller, and pump body.

  1. Rotor: The magnet of the BLDC pump is injection molded with the impeller and form the rotor of the motor.
  2. Shaft sleeve: There is a direct injection molding shaft sleeve in the middle of the rotor. The shaft sleeve is made by a high performance wear-resistant graphite material.
  3. Stator: Pump stator and circuit board of the motor are encapsulated in the pump body with epoxy resin glue.
  4. Pump chamber: There is a chamber between the stator and the rotor. So, The rotor chamber of the motor completely isolate from the motor stator and motor control.
  5. Shaft: People make the pump shaft by high wear-resistance and high-strength ceramic. It is completely sealed and leak-proof. Since the shaft connects the motor and the pump body directly. Thus it is no need to use traditional mechanical shaft seals.
  6. Impeller: The vehicle electric water pump mainly uses closed impeller.

automotive electric water pump structure

Advantages of Electric Automotive Water Pump

Automotive electric water pump is a kind of brushless dc pump. Which with advantages that mechanical pumps are incomparable.

  1. Long life: Car electric water pump with life span more than 20,000 hours. Further more, it can continuously work for 24 hours per day.
  2. No leakage: There is no leakage in the electric pump due to the advanced magnetic drive and statically sealed technology used for it.
  3. Wide working temperature range: As a electric coolant pump, it can work in the temperature range of -40°C ~ 125°C. The engine preheating and parking heater pump can also work smoothly. Even under extremely harsh environmental conditions.
  4. Polarity protection: It can protect the pump from burning due to the wrong connection of the positive and negative electrodes.
  5. Energy saving: Electric automotive water pump has the advantages of energy saving, high efficiency and environmental protection.

Selection Steps of Electric Water Pump Car

The electric water pump car selection steps are as follows:

  1. Calculate the heat load of the vehicle cooling system: perform the superposition calculation of the heat load of the cooled components in the cooling system to obtain the necessary maximum heat dissipation capacity, the rated heat dissipation capacity, as well as the heat dissipation change curve under some certain work conditions.
  2. Simulation of the water resistance of cooling system components: According to the reasonable requirements of the system, the relevant water resistance and flow range are formulated, and the water channels and heat sinks of the components are designed according to the flow range. Calculate the maximum flow rate at the operating point from the above maximum heat dissipation and the overall water resistance of the system.
  3. Preliminary selection of the water pump according to the flow rate and water resistance of the maximum operating point.
  4. According to the results of the selection of the electric water pump, perform a one-dimensional simulation analysis of the flow and water resistance under other heat dissipation to check the performance of the electric water pump at different speeds.
    In addition, some summary in the actual selection process is as follows:
    A. The working point of the electric water pump should be in the middle of the performance curve at a certain speed.

    B. The form of the automobile electric water pump is basically a centrifugal water pump, its efficiency, reliability, cost, and technology are relatively ideal.

    C. The design of the cooling system needs to consider reducing the water resistance of the system as much as possible, so that the working water head of the water pump does not need to be too large, otherwise it will affect the efficiency of the water pump operation. Too high water head will increase the volume of the pump or increase the number of stages of the pump. Such a design can be avoided by system optimization.

How to Choose an Automotive Electric Water Pump ?

There are many types of automotive electric water pumps in the market. So, what are the principles for customer to purchase a car electric water pump for their application? Generally speaking, 5 principles as below need to be followed.

  1. Confirm your requirements on the working voltage, head and flow of the auto electric water pump according to your application requirements.
  2. People should take the volume, shape, thread interface, inlet and outlet direction of the pump into consideration. When choose a pump for your application. It must be convenient for you to install the car electric water pump in your application system.
  3. Consider work condition factors such as environment temperature, working fluids for the pump according your application.
  4. Functional requirements on the auto electric pump. Such as PWM speed control, FG signal, etc.
  5. Correctly calculate the purchase budget cost of the auto electric water pump. Inspect the pump manufacturer, require for good equipment quality, good after-sales service, supplying spare parts in time.

What special function should a Car Electric Water Pump have?

Automotive electric water pump usually work in a extreme working environment, which with high working temperature. This may lead to burn the pump even  the car and cause huge economic losses.

For example : On November 21, 2011, BMW (China) Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. submitted a recall report to the AQSIQ. Due to the technical defects of the turbocharger car electric cooling water pump. The total number of cars involved was 3,198.

Therefore, to avoid unnecessary economic losses, customer should consider below special function. When select a Auto electric water pump.

  1. PWM Speed control function
  2. Idle protection function
  3. Stall protection function
  4. Reverse connection protection
  5. Over voltage protection function
  6. Fault Signal output function
  7. Dry-running protection

Precautions for Using an Electric Water Pump Automotive

Automotive Electric Water Pump is a core component of the water cooling system for car, bus, vehicles etc. It has its own features and strict application requirements. Otherwise, pump will be damaged or short its life span under wrong operation. Therefore, you should follow the following eight points notices when operate the pump:

  1. It is not allowed to use medium with impurities diameter bigger than 0.35mm or water with magnetic particles.
  2. It is better to keep some water in the Automotive Electric Water Pump chamber before operating the pump after pump is not used for a long time.
  3. It is not allowed to operate the pump without liquid for a long time.
  4. Use dust cover to cover the pump when unused for a long time to prevent dust entering into the inlet and outlet.
  5. Don not put the pump into liquid totally.
  6. Confirm a correct connection before running, or malfunction may be caused.
  7. Make sure that the liquid will not freeze or viscous when operate the pump in a low-temperature environment.
  8. Clean the water stains first before operating the pump, if water stains left at the pins of the connector.

How to Repair an Automotive Electric Water Pump?

Automotive electric water pump is one of the important components of the engine cooling system. It’s function is to pressurize the coolant to ensure its circulation and accelerate the heat dissipation.

However, car electric water pump may malfunction during the operating period after a long-term operation. What reasons cause these faults and How to repair these faults? You can find the answer from the below table.

1Liquid leakageScrews are not tightened.Tighten the screws
The O-ring is not installed.Install O-ring
There are impurities on the O-ring.Clean the O-ring
2Large current, little flowThere are impurities in the rotor.Input water in outlet to clean the rotor
3Not working, the current is unstable (large or small)Rotor was sucked cause by foreign matter.Removal the foreign bodies
4Not rotating, no currentThe power line is not connectedConnect is connected properly
5Big NoiseThere is air in the pump chamber that can not discharge.The outlet will be placed upward, ensure the liquid without air
There are impurities in the pump chamber.Remove the impurities out the pump chamber
No liquid in the pump chamber, pump dry runs.Input the liquid
Less loaded gasketInstall gasket