Quiet Water Pump

“Are you looking for a quiet water pump with super-quiet function to be used in your new project or to replace the poor quiet performance water pump that is being used in your product? Congratulations, the 23dB noise super silent water pump from VOVYO can fully meet your mute needs. Your product will gain the strongest competitive edge in the market, by using VOVYO's super quiet water pump ”

Quiet Water Pump

Quiet Water Pump

Quiet water pump refers to a 24v or 12v water pump with very low noise, we can also call them silent water pump. The noise of silent water pump generally reaches below 30dB, and some ultra quiet water pumps even reach below 23dB. Pump noise is not only the noise generated by the work of the motor, but also the noise generated by the water flow friction between the water and the pipe wall. However, all of the above 2 kinds of noise is basically can be negligible for a silent water pump .

Therefore, quiet water pump usually can be seen in the environmental protection medical industry and in the research laboratory. They are small in size, low in noise, and low in power consumption, is a green and environmentally friendly machine. Silent water pump are widely used in medical, indoor, aquarium, shower, hot water mattress, aquarium, fountain, as well as home, kitchen, bathroom appliances’s water booster, water circulation.

Standard Quiet Water Pumps Series by VOVYO:

Silent Water Pump For Home VP35D

Silent Water Pump For Home VP35D is a dc water pump driven by a BLDC motor. It is widely used in plumbing mattress ,floor heating and PC water circulation etc.

Max Head: 1.2~1.7M Max Flow: 4.5~5.4L/min Noise≤23dB

Super Silent Water Pump VP60C

Super Silent Water Pump VP60C is a is 12V dc quiet Water Pump that with work noise lower than 23dB ,widely used in circulating systems for home, hot water mattress, etc.

Max Head: 1.7~2.2M Max Flow: 7~8L/min Noise≤23dB

Ultra Quiet Water Pump VP70A

Ultra Quiet Water Pump VP70A is a high quality made 12v water pump, built by a DC motor, used in water circulation system such as plumbing water mattress, small boiler etc.

Max Head: 2.2~2.5M Max Flow: 8~9L/min Noise≤25dB

CPU Water Cooling Pump VP60R

CPU Water Cooling Pump VP60R is built by PPE material, and driven by a high efficiency small brushless DC motor. It is commonly used for computer water cooling,led lights water cooling, etc.

Head: 2.4M Flow: 6.5L/min Noise≤28dB

PC Cooling Pump VP60D

PC Cooling Pump VP60D is a small dc silent  water pump. It is made by a bldc motor with lower noise less than 24dB at 1M distance. It is used for water mattress, computer cooling,led cooling ,etc.

Head: 2.4M Flow: 6L/min Noise≤ 24dB

Computer Water Cooling Pump VP40P

Computer Water Cooling Pump VP40P is a small ultra silent water pump,it’s noise less than 24dB. Widely used for quiet equipment such as hot water mattress, cooling mattress, computer cooling,floor heating system etc.

Head:2.0~3.0M Flow:4.8~6.0L/min Noise≤24dB

VOVYO quiet Water Pumps designed only for your low noise required systems

Always can be found out a outstanding silent water pump for your application in our quiet pump product catalog.

Production Ability
  • We have 10 production lines and hundreds of skilled workers now
  • the leading micro pump manufacturer in China with annual production capacity of 3 million
Low Noise
  • Super Quiet Water pump use high-performance ceramic shaft with high precision and good wear resistance.
  • It's working noise is low to 23dB, even more lower.
Compact size, high efficiency
  • Compact size allows the pump to be easily installed into your machine with a high performance.
  • High efficiency saves a lot of electricity bills for long-term using.

Why should people use quiet water pump?

The biggest characteristic of pump noise pollution is sensory pollution, which affects people's work, rest and sleep, and thus endangers human health. At the same time, the pump noise has a strong penetrating power. Like the ordinary load-bearing wall of a general building, the pump noise can easily penetrate. Therefore, the impact of pump noise on the human body is very large, such as the insomnia, increased blood pressure, and corresponding neurological diseases etc. For fish tank, fish lovers should use a quiet aquarium water pump for heir beloved fish to have a quiet and clean aquarium environment. Otherwise, it will impact the fishes life span a lot if let them live in a big noise environment for a long term period.

It can be seen that the noise of the pump is likely to seriously affect people's physical and mental health and quality of life. It is easy to get irritated, inattention, memory loss, insomnia and other neurological diseases, which need to attract enough attention from the people.

Therefore, people must consider a quiet pump with very low noise when they are buying and using pumps in indoor, kitchen, sanitary, industrial places, etc. Such as: plumbing mattress, coffee machine, PC water cooling pump, kitchen and intelligent toilet water pump, aquarium pumps, quiet shower pump, etc.

What reasons cause a silent pump to generate big noise after operating for a period of time?

Not everyone knows what reasons cause it, if a big noise generated when we run a quiet water pump. Now we can help you carefully analyze the following possible factors:

  • 1. The bearing clearance becomes larger and the noise increases a lot after the pump using for a period of time.
  • 2. The shaft inside the pump is not pressed into place.
  • 3. Noise caused by loose ceramic gaskets.
  • 4. The air in the pump is not completely discharged that causing the rotor do not closely match with the pump head, and the impact of the jump the gasket  then the noise is generated.
  • 5. The pump impeller is unbalanced and the noise is increased.due to cavitation or scale。
  • 6. There is foreign matter entering the inside of the pump body,  resulting in unbalanced pump operation and increased noise.
  • 7. The noise generated by the vibration of the pump itself during operation;
  • 8. The pump is damaged, and the parts on the rotor are rubbed against the pump body;
  • 9. The noise generated by the water flow of the pump increases the sound level of the noise ,if it deviates from the design condition.

How to solve the big noise problem ?

  • 1. The internal problem of quiet water pump, take the pump in the hand and hang it in the fish tank water then run it. Disassemble the pump and reinstall the rotor and impeller if the sound is still big.
  • 2. Move the pump or pipe so that it is not in direct contact to solve the cylinder wall formed by the pump or pipe hits the resonance.
  • 3.The external problem of the pump, put a cotton on the bottom of the pump or put filter cotton on the base cabinet can reduce noise.
  • 4. Install a vibration isolator on the water pump to isolate vibration and solid sound propagation to improve vibration isolation efficiency;
  • 5. In order to prevent the heat pump from dissipating a large amount and causing a malfunction add a soundproof cover to the water pump. The exhaust fan in the cover is used as a forced ventilation, and installs an in-and-out silencer at the same time;
  • 6. Check the bearing of the water pump and the rotor of the water pump. Replace them if the bearing and the pump blade are worn out.
  • 7. Run the silent water pump under design conditions.