11Jun 2020

Car water pump is one of the important components of the car engine cooling system, it is divided into automotive electric water pump and machine car water pump according to the driving form. The main function of the car water pump is to pressurize the cooling fluid (Such as water and coolant ) to ensure […]

08Jun 2020

As the name implies, an automotive electric water pump is a electric coolant pump with an electronically controlled drive unit used in automobiles. It is mainly composed of three parts: overcurrent unit, motor unit and electronic control unit. With the electronic control unit, the working state of the pump can be adjusted at will, such […]

27Jun 2019

Water heater pump sometimes should be used in home hot water pipeline system. Since, there will be problems when the water heater is too far away from the water using point. It takes a few tens of seconds or even a few minutes for us to use hot water which lead to time wasted. The […]

25Jun 2019

Small submersible water pump is a kind of small electric water pump that work in water. People can use it as a solar powered water pump for farmland irrigation and farm household water. However, you should pay attention to the following eight points when using it. So as to ensure the normal service life of […]