Small submersible water pump is a kind of small electric water pump that work in water. People can use it as a solar powered water pump for farmland irrigation and farm household water. However, you should pay attention to the following eight points when using it. So as to ensure the normal service life of the micro submersible pump. Maintain stable performance and avoid accidents or losses during operating the pump.

1. Avoid frequently turn on and turn off the pump:

Do not switch the small electric submersible pump frequently. This is because the electric pump will make the water recirculating when it stop. The motor will start with load, causing the starting current to be too high. If we turn on the small submersible water pump immediately, and burn submersible pump motor windings.

2. Install leakage protector for the small submersible water pump:

We also call the leakage protector as a life-saving device. It is easy to leak electricity and cause electric energy loss and even electric shock. When the small electric submersible pump works underwater. However, if we install a leakage protector, the leakage protector will cut off the power supply of the submersible pump. And avoid leakage of electricity and waste power to ensure safety. When the leakage value of the submersible pump exceeds the operating current value of the leakage protector. (generally no more than 30 mA)
small submersible water pump

3. Do not turn on the small submersible water pump when the power supply voltage is abnormal:

In rural areas, due to the low-voltage power supply line is relatively long. It lead to the terminal voltage of the line is usually too low. It will drop the motor speed of the small submersible water pump. When the phase voltage is lower than 198 volts and the line voltage is lower than 342 volts. It will turn off the centrifugal switch, causing the starting winding to be energized for a long time. And even burn out the windings and capacitors. When the rated speed is less than 70%. Conversely, a too high voltage will cause the motor overheat and burn out the winding. Therefore, for safely operating the small submersible pump, the operator should observe the power supply voltage value any time. We should stop the motor, and find out the cause eliminate the fault. If the voltage 10% lower than the rated voltage and 10% higher than its rated voltage.

4. Select the power supply of the small submersible water pump according to the regulations:

Appropriately increase the cross-sectional area of ​​the wiring cable. And use as less number of connector as possible to ensure that the normal voltage is between 342V-418V. If the power supply is far from the use place. To ensure safety, bury an 1 meter length or more longer iron rod in the damp ground. Which nearby the pump or nearby the power supply as a ground wire.

5. Cable installation and submersible pump’s edge resistance requirements:

Cable installation and submersible pump’s edge resistance requirements:
Align the cable and do not use too long power wires when installing the small submersible water pump. Do not force the cable when put into or raise the submersible pump from the water. So as to avoid broke the power wires. Do not sink it into the mud when the submersible pump is working. Otherwise it will cause poor heat dissipation of the motor and burn the motor windings. The motor’s edge resistance should not less than 0.5 meg ohms.

6. Do not run the small submersible water pump under overload for a long term:

Do not make the pump transfer water that includes a large amount of sand. Also observe whether the current value is within the current value range on the nameplate or not. So as to avoid long-term overload operation of the small submersible water pump. Stop it, if the current is too large. In addition, do not operate the submersible water pump when there is no water in it’s chamber. So as to prevent the motor from overheating and burn out.

7. Inspect the pump frequently, find problems and repair it in time:

Check the motor frequently. We should replace or repair the pump in time to prevent water from seeping into the small submersible water pump. If the lower cover is cracked or the rubber seal ring is damaged or invalid.

8. The rotate direction of the small submersible water pump motor should be correct:

It should clarify the rotate direction of the pump motor. There are many types of small submersible water pumps that can discharge water during forward and reverse rotation. The water flow will be very small, and the current will be very large when reversely rotate. It will damage the motor winding, if the reversal time is too long.

9. Use a brushless dc pump as a submersible water pump:

Small submersible water pump that built by a brushless dc motor has many advantages when compares with pump built by ac motor.

  • First:
    The rotor and control circuit board of a brushless dc pump are sealed by epoxy resin, that make therotor completely isolate from the rotor. So, there is no leakage problem like a ac pump or brushed pump that waterproof level will decreased after a long period operating.
  • Second:
    It usually use 12v or 24V power supply to power a small submersible water pump that built by a brushless dc motor. As we all know the 12v or 24V is lower the safety voltage 36V for human. In addition people can use it as a battery operated water pump that power it by battery or solar panel. You can use it any time and area where power grid cannot reach or frequent blackouts. You just need a battery or solar panel to realize this.
  • Third:
    The working life span of a small submersible water pump that built by a brushless dc motor is very long. Its life span is almost the same as the bldc motor working life pan that inside it. Generally speaking,service life is more than 20,000 hours which is ten times that of ac motor pump or dc motor pump.
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