Battery Powered Water Pump

Battery Powered Water Pump

Battery Powered Water Pump

As its name implies battery powered water pump is a kind of small electric water pump that can relies on the battery as a power supply to drive it to work. People also call it battery operated water pump.

People usually divide battery operated water pump into dry battery pump and storage battery pump, according to battery types. Generally speaking, battery powered pump is a 6v, 12v dc water pump or 24V dc water pump. Since, both the dry battery and the storage battery save the electricity is direct current. However, battery can also drive a AC water pump. It only need convert the DC current into AC current by using a inverter, before driving a AC pump. Like a high-power solar powered water pump, it is such a ac water pump.

Standard Battery Powered Pumps series by VOVYO:

Tabletop Water Fountain Pump VP30

Tabletop water fountain pump VP30 is a battery operated water pump . We can widely use it for aquarium, tabletop fountains, and hydroponic systems, etc.

Max Head:0.7~1.5M Max Flow:2~3.4L/min

Mini Water Circulation Pump VP30A

Mini Water Circulation Pump VP30A is a battery powered water pump that can be driven by a 6v,12V DC battery. People widely use it in fountain, water mattress,floor heating, small boiler etc.

Max Head:1.5~3M Max Flow:2.5~4L/min

Electric Circulation Pump VP40F

Electric Circulation Pump VP40F is a 12V powered by a bldc motor. Widely used in water heater, communication base station,water tanks, air conditioner,etc.

Max Head:3~5M Max Flow:13.3~16.6L/min

Food Grade Pump Dispenser VP25A

Food grade pump dispenser VP25A is a high quality made 12 volt pump. People widely use it in home appliance such as coffer maker, juice machine, dispenser, personal care products, etc.

Max Head:1.5~2.2M Max Flow:1.5~2L/min

Food Grade Electric Pump VP35C

Food grade electric pump VP35C is a small electric food safe water pump made by FDA material PPE. It can be driven by battery, solar panel, etc. It is well saled in Asia, India,US,and EU market.

Max Head:1.5~3M Max Flow:4.5~7L/min

Food Safe Liquid Pump VP30C

Food safe liquid pump VP30C is Battery powered pump powered by a 12V BLDC motor. We can widely use it in coffer maker, juice machine, dispenser, tea maker, etc.

Max Head:1.5~2M Max Flow:2.5~3L/min

12v Electric Water Pump Motorcycle VP50N

12v Engine Coolant Pump VP80C is a small auto water pump which build by bldc motor. VP80C pump can be well served in vehicle cooling cycle systems.

Max Head: 9M Max Flow: 46L/min

Laser Cutter Water Pump VP60F

Laser Cutter Water Pump VP60F is a high pressure water pump, which driven by a BLDC motor. People usually widely use it in laser cutter machine, water heater, etc.

Max Head:18~27M Max Flow:14~19L/min

Laser Machine Pump VP60A

Laser Machine Pump VP60A is a 12v dc water pump motor powerd by a bldc motor. People widely use it in laser machine, laser cutter,laser engraver, etc.

Max Head:8~12M Max Flow:17~21L/min

Small Recirculating Water Pump VP40C

mall Recirculating Water Pump VP40C is a 12V DC circulation water pump. It is small in size, high in efficiency, widely used as a recirculating water pump.

Max Head:4~6M Max Flow:12~15L/min

Cooling Water Circulation Pump VP40

Cooling water circulation pump VP40 is a high efficient 12V small dc water pump. We can widely apply it in air conditioning, LED lights cooling,laser machine,etc.

Max Head:5~7M Max Flow:7.5~10L/min

Solar DC Submersible Water Pump VP50E

Solar DC submersible water pump VP50E is a 12V small solar powered water pump. Used in solar farm irrigation, agricultural spray,water circulation,etc.

Max Head:8~15M Max Flow:20~25L/min

How does a battery operated water pump work?

Battery operated water pump needs to be connected to the municipal power supply or solar panel to charge the battery. Battery generally supplies power to the pump when the it is running. The battery system will automatically switch to the municipal power supply to drive the pump, if there is power or the battery is low, and while charging the battery. The running time of the battery powered water pump depends on how much power the battery stores. People should pay attention to the maintenance of the battery system, and the battery should be properly stored in an appropriate environment and temperature.

What applications are there of the pump ?

Battery powered water pump is powered by energy storage of the battery, and the battery can be recharged by grid or solar panel. It can conveniently provide power for the battery water pump. Thus, battery operated water pump is free from the constraint that the conventional water pump must be powered by the grid. Therefore, battery water pump greatly facilitates the remote areas that the power grid cannot reach. Such as the mobile vehicles or areas that often lack electricity, as well as the field operations, agricultural operations, and people’s demand for water pumping during the journey. People widely use them in solar farm irrigation, agricultural spray, field water intake, journey shower washing, marine battery powered submersible water pump. People also use it as a electric coolant pump in new energy vehicles, new energy buses to cooling their batteries, engines, etc.

In addition, people also use small battery powered pump in applications where power consumption is very small. widely use it as a tabletop fountain pump, battery operated fountain pump, solar fountain pump , portable water pump battery operated, etc.

How to choose a battery powered water pump and battery for your application?

A commonly dry battery just can storage less energy, and with a large internal resistance. Lead to consume a large part of the voltage on the internal resistance. So, the voltage drops fast. Dry batteries are not suitable for pumps with high power consumption, considering from power consumption and time of use. It is more suitable for high-efficiency small brushless DC pump with power of only a few dozen watts or even several watts, such as tabletop crafts pump, portable water pumps, battery powered fountain pumps, etc.

A storage battery can supply much more current and power than that of a dry battery. Therefore, for application like new energy bus water cooling system , automobiles battery cooling system, agricultural sprays, agricultural irrigation, etc. where power consumption is high, we can choose a storage battery powered water pump.

How to select the battery for your battery powered pump?

For example: Choose battery for a battery powered water pump that with rated voltage 12V DC, rated current 2.6A.
First, the voltage of battery must be match with the rated voltage of the battery operated water pump which is 12V. Secondly, people usually measure the battery work time is by AH (Ah). Assume that, use a 12V, 20AH battery or battery as the power source for the battery pump. The actual current of the pump is 2A (the current depends on the working condition). In theory, the battery can supply power for the pump for 10 hours. But, people even can extend the work time of the pump to 15 hours. If replace it by a 12V, 30AH battery. However, the larger the AH (Ah) is, the more expensive the battery is.