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Brushless dc pump supplier VOVYO Technology Co., Ltd is a leading small electric dc water pump manufacturer in China, who specialized in 48V, 36V, 24V, 12V bldc motor pump R&D and production. Our dc pumps are used as a mini circulation pump, micro solar water pump, submersible water pump in various machines and equipment. They are small in size, high in efficiency, low in working noise, and long in working life span.

In the past over 10 years, VOVYO has been focusing on technical researching, production and marketing of dc pump. And provide the best small water pumps and various pump application solutions for cutomers from world wide. You always can find out a suitable small water pump for your product in our official website. By visiting our easily remembering website:

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After years of hard work VOVYO developed more than 200 models dc pumps. Include circulation water pump, automotive electric water pump, and aquarium water pump which mainly used in PC, automobile, water heater, bathroom equipment, aquarium, household appliances, and other fields. Also VOVYO has built up a world sales network and established long term partnership with many world famous brands. Welcome customers from the worldwide to choose our pump, will repay you with high quality products and most professional solutions.


  • company Founded 2004

    Business Start-Up

  • sales-network>140

    Global Country

  • production-line >80,000,000

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  • Pump Models>200

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Production Ability

pump production line

  • We have standardized dc pump production lines and tens of machines and equipment.
  • The leading brushless dc pump manufacturer in China with annual production capacity of 3 million pieces.
Quality Assurance

pump quality checking

  • 100% inspection of incoming components, and 100% testing of final products.
  • Imported raw materials from USA, Japan etc.
  • Six sigma, delicate to achieve "zero defect" pursuit.
Development Team

pump development team

  • R&D team consists of more than 10 engineers with over 20 years professional experience.
  • Experienced enginners who specialized in brushless dc pump and BLDC motor.
  • Can realize customization.

Brushless DC Pump


What is a Brushless DC Pump ?

Brushless DC Pump is a machinery that use a bldc motor to drive the impeller on its rotor to pressurize fluid and transport liquids like water, air, oil, etc. For its high-efficiency, long life span and quiet advantages brushless dc water pump is widely used in various equipment as a liquid transport functional component.

Advantages of BLDC Pump

BLDC pump has many advantages due to it is built by a brushless dc motor. As we all know, brushless motor is high in efficiency, long in life span, low in noise , easy in control. So, it has many advantages compares with brushed dc water pump or AC water Pump. Here, list some of them as below :

  1. Long life: Its life span is over 20,000 hours, ten times that of brushed Dc pump and AC pump. Generally speaking, its life span is as long as a same power brushless dc motor.
  2. High efficiency: Brushless DC water pump has no excitation loss and carbon brush loss, its efficiency can be more than 60%. Which is much higher than AC water pump's efficiency.
  3. Waterproof: This type of dc pump with no water leakage problem, since its stator and circuit board are sealed with epoxy resin which completely isolated from the rotor.
  4. Low noise: BLDC pump use high-performance ceramic shaft which with high precision and good wear resistance. It's minimum working noise can reach 25dB,even more lower.
  5. Stepless speed regulation: BLDC water pump can realize PWM speed regulation, analog signal input speed regulation, potentiometer manual speed regulation and other speed regulation way.

How to select a Brushless DC Pump ?

There are many types of brushless DC water pumps in the market. However, not all pumps are suitable for your products or application. So, how to select a right pump for your application ? Take the below seven aspects into consideration before you finding the product:

  1. Power supply mode: There are DC power supply, battery, solar panel can supply power to the motor to drive the water pump. You need to consider choosing a three-phase dc water pump. Like a solar water powered pump directly powered by a solar panel without use DC to AC inverter is a three-phase dc pump.
  2. Parameters: Take the working voltage, current, max water head, max water flow and the size of the caliber into consideration. The max head of the pump generally refers to the static water head. That is, there is no water flow when pump the water is pump to the max head height. The max head of the pump should be higher than this height. If you require there is a certain water flow when need lift the water to a certain height.
  3. Performance: The performance of the pump should meet your application addition. Such as: Water flow and water head of your application working point; Pump can endure how high system pressure; Need submersible use or not; Pump can work in how high or how low ambient temperature and working fluid temperature; Working noise of the pump meet your requirements or not, if not you should use a quiet water pump etc.
  4. Appearance: Threaded interface or not, inlet and outlet direction, caliber size, etc.
  5. Working Medium: Brushless dc pump can pump water, oil, coolant. The impurities and magnetic particles in the water should be less than 0.35mm.
  6. Function: Functional requirements on the water pump Such as PWM speed control, FG signal,submersible or not, etc. And choose it according to you application conditions.
  7. Warranty and after-sales: You should choose a pump with warranty no less than a year. Audit the pump manufacturer, with good after-sales service, can supply the spare components in time or not.

Precautions for Using a brushless dc water pump:

Brushless dc pump is a typical electromechanical product, it has its own features and strict application requirements. So, you can't use the pump in a environment that it is not competent for, otherwise, it may damage the pump or short its life span. Therefore, you should follow the below eight points notices to operate the pump:

  1. Keep the Brushless dc pump away from the environment of strong magnetic objects, no matter use it or storage it.
  2. Prohibit ferromagnetic impurities, or particles entering into the chamber of the pump.
  3. Wash out the pump chamber in time, after use it pump the medium which is easy to crystallize or precipitate. So as to ensure the service life of the water pump.
  4. Install a filter at the inlet of the brushless dc pump, when transport the fluid which contains solid particles, or it will damage the impeller, or block the rotor to work even damage it.
  5. Strictly forbid to reversely connect the positive and negative poles of the power supply if the pump do not has reversely connect protection function.
  6. The water inlet should be lower than the water level, when operate the pump.
  7. Strictly forbid to run the pump without water and no load, which will affect the life and noise of the pump or even damage the pump.
  8. People divide the pump into submersible pump , non-submersible pump and amphibious pump. Please follow the special notes to install them, or the water may damage the pump motor, if the pump without submersible function.