Circulation DC Water Pump

Are you finding a high quality dc circulation water pump with most competitive price for your products? Now you have the opportunity to realize this by using VOVYO’s dc pump. As a core functional component of the pump system, VOVYO’s dc pump was able to run for more than 10 years with excellent durability & reliability. We firmly believe that your business and brand will benefit a lot from using the highest-end small circulation dc water pump from VOVYO in the long term run.

  • VP90 & VP80-Series

    (9 Models)

    Max Head: 25M

    Max Flow:≤10800L/H

  • VP62-Series

    (6 Models)

    Max Head: 9M

    Max Flow: ≤2220L/H

  • VP60-Series

    (9 Models)

    Max Head:27M

    Max Flow: ≤3300L/H

  • VP50-Series

    (9 Models)

    Max Head: 15M

    Max Flow: ≤2580L/H

  • VP40-Series

    (9 Models)

    Max Head: 10M

    Max Flow: ≤1400L/H

  • VP35 & VP30 & VP25

    (9 Models)

    Max Head: 3M

    Max Flow: ≤420L/H

VOVYO pumps designed and manufactured only for your products system

Always can be found out a outstanding circulation dc water pump for your application in our website or in product catalog not listed.

Long Life Span
  • Our dc circulation water pump with life span more than 20,000 hours.
  • VOVYO's small dc pumps can continuously work for 24 hours per day for any application.
  • Long life, no need maintenance, small in size, high in efficiency, low in power consumption.
  • Strong anti-interference ability, stable operation, multi-function
Multifunction, high reliability
  • Pumps with function like blocked protection, locked-rotor protection, ensures them with high reliability to serve for various complex environmental applications