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VOVYO develop various miniature water pump each year. Please feel free to give us an email to request for new model pump specs file. If any new model specs brochure is not in the below sheet.

Sincerely hope these specs brochures will help you in studing the miniature water pump that you are intrested in. And finnally find out dc circulation water pump that meet your application requirements. And Build up long term partnership with VOVYO !


File typeProduct NameSizeRelease DateDownload
pdfFood Grade Water Pump VP25A316KB2017-05-28Download
pdfBattery Powered Water Pump VP30A224KB2016-12-28Download
pdfFood Safe Water Pump VP30C225KB2017-2-28Download
pdfBattery Powered Water Pump VP35A237KB2014-2-28Download
pdfFood Grade Pump VP35C241KB2014-1-22Download
pdfSuper Quiet Water Pump VP35D254KB2016-06-18Download
pdfSmall Water Circulation Pump VP40U306KB2015-02-12Download
pdfSolar Water Heater Pump VP40V230KB2016-09-17Download
pdfSmall Water Pump VP40296KB2014-03-12Download
pdfHot Water Recirculating Pump VP40C260KB2014-03-22Download
pdfWater Heater Circulation Pump VP40F282KB2014-03-23Download
pdfMini Water Pump VP40G245KB2015-02-17Download
pdfFood Safe Pump VP40K270KB2014-03-18Download
pdfHot Water Recirculating Pump VP40M223KB2014-08-15Download
pdfSolar Water Heater Pump VP40N340KB2014-05-09Download
pdfInline Water Pump VP40R242KB2015-07-18Download
pdfWater Booster Pump VP40S327KB2016-04-05Download
pdfSolar Water Pump VP50246KB2016-07-18Download
pdfSolar Water Pump VP50E293KB2016-07-18Download
pdfHot Water Circulation Pump VP50F240KB2016-07-18Download
pdfAutomotive Electric Water Pump VP50G250KB2014-03-20Download
pdfWater Circulation Pump VP50M268KB2017-07-18Download
pdfCoolant Water Circulation Pump VP50N232KB2015-03-09Download
pdf12V Auto Water Pump VP50P262KB2015-09-15Download
pdfSolar Water Heater Pump VP50S222KB2015-07-22Download
pdfAutomotive Coolant Pump VP50T234KB2015-07-18Download
pdfMini Water Pump VP60A252KB2014-05-19Download
pdfFood Grade Pumps For Brewing VP60B298KB2014-06-16Download
pdfQuiet Water Pump VP60C270KB2014-01-15Download
pdfCPU Cooling Pump VP60D225KB2015-07-18Download
pdfWater Booster Pump VP60F242KB2014-09-15Download
pdfWater Heater Booster Pump VP60G255KB2016-03-08Download
pdfSolar Water Heater Pump VP60H234KB2016-08-04Download
pdfDishwasher Water Pump VP60K268KB2017-03-15Download
pdfAutomotive Coolant Water Pump VP62A278KB2016-10-16Download
pdfNew Energy Auto Electric Pump VP62B298KB2016-10-18Download
pdf12v Coolant Pump VP62C254KB2016-10-19Download
pdfEngine Cooling Water Pump VP62D225KB2016-10-18Download
pdfCar Electric Water Pump VP62E222KB2016-10-18Download
pdfElectric Water Pump for EV VP62F250KB2016-10-21Download
pdfElectric Water Pump for Bus VP90A225KB2014-06-13Download
pdfElectric Water Pump for Engine VP90B316KB2014-06-19Download
pdfAuto Electric Water Pump for Bus VP90C236KB2014-10-22Download
pdfAutomotive Water Cooling Pump VP80A280KB2015-11-12Download
pdfAutomotive Coolant Pump VP80B243KB2015-11-20Download
pdfCar Electric Water Pump VP80C228KB2015-11-23Download
pdfInline Water Pump for Car VP80D245KB2015-11-26Download
pdfAutomotive Electric Water Pump VP80E286KB2015-11-28Download
pdfExplosion Proof Electric Vehicles Pump VP75A279KB2017-03-12Download