As the name implies, an automotive electric water pump is a electric coolant pump with an electronically controlled drive unit used in automobiles.

It is mainly composed of three parts: overcurrent unit, motor unit and electronic control unit. With the electronic control unit, the working state of the pump can be adjusted at will, such as: controlling the pump start/stop, flow control, pressure control, anti-dry running protection, self-maintenance and other functions. The working state of the pump can be controlled by external signals. As a brushless dc pump, the power of the Automotive electric water pump is relatively small, generally in the range below 1000W, which usually driven by a BLDC motor.

car electric water pump vp80e

Automotive electric water pump

Automotive electric water pumps can be used for most automotive engine cycles. It has unique design and high efficiency, low power consumption and stable performance. The long-life brushless motor technology achieves life-long maintenance and mute. It can be applied to Automobile engine circulation, preheating, parking heating, automobile antifreeze circulation, and any other applications that other circulation pumps that cannot be used.

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