Water heater pump sometimes should be used in home hot water pipeline system. Since, there will be problems when the water heater is too far away from the water using point. It takes a few tens of seconds or even a few minutes for us to use hot water which lead to time wasted. The cold water flowing out of the faucet and wasted before we waiting for bath every time. Also, pipe fill with hot water then slowly cool down after we use it, which waste water and energy. VOVYO technology believes that many people have encountered such problem. Then how can we get hot water instead of cold water from the faucet immediately, although the distance between the water heater and the water point is too far?

Here, VOVYO technology recommend 4 solutions to you for solving the problem.

  1. Use multiple water heaters ;
  2. Install a hot water recirculating pump;
  3. Use a water heater with a water heater pump;
  4. Install a bucket.

Solution 1 : Install multiple water heaters

This is a non using water heater pump solution. It is the most direct way is to install multiple water heaters – each water using place uses the nearest water heater. It directly reducing the distance between water heater and water using place, this fundamentally solve the problem.

Select the type of water heater according to your specific situation. You can install a gas water heater in the kitchen, if the bathroom is close to the kitchen. For other toilets that are far away from the water heater, you can install electric water heaters in their respective bathrooms . (One water heater can be used together, if multiple toilets are close together. ) You can also install a small kitchen treasure in the kitchen if the kitchen is not close to all the toilets.

Solution 2 : Install a Hot Water Recirculating Pump

In the solution 1, we achieve the purpose of getting hot water immediately when opening the faucet through install a plurality of water heater. In fact, this solution is unable to ensure get hot water immediately. Only use hot water recirculating pump will ensure achieve the effect of getting hot water immediately.

This solution is suitable for planning in advance before the renovation. Use hot water recirculating pump to circulate hot water. So as to ensure that the water in the pipeline is hot water any time. The specific method is that we can buy an ordinary water heater. Then install a hot water recirculating pump in the hot water outlet of the water heater. At this time, people need two pieces hot water pipes. That is, one water supply pipe and one return pipe. Hot water pipe connect the return pipe at the farthest water using place. In this way, people can get hot water any time, and without any cold water wasted. The disadvantage is that you need to install a extra pipe, which makes the cost increased a lot.

hot water recirculating pump system

The hot water recirculating pump can also be divided into two types:one with a return pipe (pre-buried the return pipe in advance), and the other one without a return pipe. the former one is more better, it can basically achieve “Zero cold water”; The latter one also has a certain effect, but there will still be some cold water.

Solution 3: Install a water heater with a water heater pump

This solution is also suitable for planning in advance before the renovation. Relies on the water heater pump in the water heater to realize the circulation of hot water. So as to ensure that the water in the pipeline is hot water any time. The specific method is that we can buy a water heater with a hot water booster pump. Similarly, we also need two hot water pipes, that is, a water supply pipe and a return pipe. The hot water supply pipe and return pipe are connected at the farthest water using point; Here recommend use a brushless dc pump since it small in size, long in life, high in efficiency and safely for operating.

Solution 4: Install a bucket

The water pipes at this time are also surely installed and the water heaters are also installed it cannot be modified . If the renovation of our home is completed . At this time, there is really no good way to do this. What we can do is preparing a bucket. Put the cold water into the bucket and collect it, before each shower. People can collect the water use for washing clothes, mopping the floor, etc. So that, there is also no water wasted.

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